Incredible Photos Of The Wonder And Weirdness That Is Burning Man

Since its conception in 1986 on a vacant beach in San Fransisco where a few friends gathered to celebrate the summer solstice, Burning Man has grown into an event of mythical proportions. The actual burning man has grown too — from 8 feet to 105 feet in 2015.

The people, the music, the art, the politics, and the community of the festival take all of its visitors out of their daily routines and transport them into a weird and wonderful world unlike anywhere else. Here are just a few snapshots of the magic.

The Beginnings And The Journey

burning man man walking
Photo Credit: Bryce Quayle / Flickr
Photo Credit: Bryce Quayle / Flickr

At the same time that Larry Harvey and Jerry James were having their impromptu summer solstice sculpture burn on a beach, another event was going down in a dry lakebed known as Black Rock Desert. Kevin Evans and John Law made performance art and sculpture burning themes at this desert event.

After permits fell through and troubles arose on both ends, the two groups merged and decided that Black Rock Desert would be home to the festival. The first few focused on surviving the landscape and had two rules: no guns, and no interfering with others.