Green Day, Fall Out Boy, And Weezer Have Teased A Tour Together

Three of the most famous pop-punk bands are teasing the tour of the decade.

The three bands Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and Weezer have stirred their fans into a frenzy this past weekend. It all started on September 6th, when Green Day's frontman Billie Joe Armstrong commented on Rainn Wilson's Instagram post. Armstrong tagged Weezer's lead singer Rivers Cuomo and Fall Out Boy's bassist Pete Wentz. In the comment, he wrote, "hella mega."

Internet detectives quickly latched onto the mystery. They found a website called, which featured a gif of The Office's Rainn Wilson making a hushing motion and a password box. So far, no one has cracked the password.

Hella Mega Tour also has an Instagram, which is currently locked down. Before it was locked, the account posted one video of Billie Joe Armstrong, wearing a shirt with the three band logos written on it. In the footage, he sings "Wake Me Up When September Ends," but changes the lyrics to "Wake me up / on September 10th." It seems that the bands will officially announce their tour on September 10th.

But the teasing doesn't end there. Over the weekend, fans received anonymous packages of band merch through the mail. These featured mismatched photos and names of the three bands on prints and T-shirts. The return address pinpointed Crush Music in Los Angeles--the company that manages all three bands. Interesting.

If you're a fan of any of these bands, you better start saving up. It seems that punk lovers will talk about this tour for a long time.