Chrissy Teigen Just Made a Major Mistake on Twitter

Chrissy Teigen needs to pay more attention to where she’s posting her personal details. Back in 2016, she accidentally shared her personal phone number with the world in her cookbook “Cravings” after accidentally having it in a photograph of her dog’s collar. She recently made a similar mistake when she shared her email address on Twitter.

The 33-year-old star quickly realized what she had done and deleted the original tweet.

“F— I posted my email address lmao” she wrote on Twitter.

Deleting it didn’t help though, with hundreds of fans using the email address to call her on Facetime. She even posted a video of her answering a call from a fan named Ricardo.

“Hi Ricardo, nice to meet you. This is my mom. Thanks for calling me,” Teigen said in a video. “We’re about to eat dinner but thought we’d answer one of these.”

She posted three more videos of her covering her face with her hands in despair and laughing at her Facetime app ringing over and over again.

“Please stop I have a family” one video caption read.

For anyone looking to become BFFs with the Teigen through Facetime, you’ll be very disappointed. Less than an hour later she had everything disabled and changed her email address. “But I love you guys and thank you for the kind words lol,” said Teigen.