Real-Life Fairy Tales: Americans Who Married Into Royal Families

From generation to generation, many little girls have dreamed of becoming real-life princesses. Although the dream may be far-fetched, it has certainly come true for some women (and men). Check out this list of Americans who have married into royal families and give us hope that maybe we can do the same.

Grace Kelly and Prince Ranier III

One of the most famous American women to marry a real-life Prince was icy-blonde Grace Kelly. Actress Grace could certainly play the part of a real-life Cinderella with both elegance and beauty to match. Her ethereal nature caught the eye of Prince Ranier III of Monaco, and the two began living what appeared to be a real-life fairy tale.

Grace and Ranier seemed to have a relatively normal marriage and had three children together. They remained married until Grace’s tragic death after she suffered a stroke while driving in 1982.