Take A Look At Actors And The Real-Life People They Portrayed On The Big Screen!

Being a big-time actor or actress is a dream come true for many individuals. Once you make it to that mountaintop, you start taking on characters that you might not necessarily be prepared for, but it’s what you signed up to do. One of the most demanding roles that any star can do is a biopic. Not only do you have to look the part, but you have become that character. What did he or she do, consume, or even how did they walk? Continue reading to see the resemblance these stars had with the real-life people they played on the big screen, and what it took to portray them.

Natalie Portman As Jackie Kennedy

jackie natalie portman
LD Entertainment/Bettmann / Contributor
LD Entertainment/Bettmann / Contributor

“I read every biography I could get my hands on,” Natalie Portman told Business Insider. “And we recreated a lot of the White House tour for the film, so that was helpful to see how she walks and how she moves and her facial expressions.”

That’s some of the insight provided by Portman regarding her role as Jackie Kennedy in the film Jackie. The two almost look identical, and her performance drew a ton of praise. At first, Portman felt that acting as the former first lady was daunting, but she managed to handle it well.