The Worst Wedding Trends That Really, Really Need To Stop

Weddings are supposed to have personal meaning for the couple. But once wedding photos appeared on social media, terrible trends arose. Now, newlyweds feel pressured to make their wedding look perfect and over-the-top to compete with professional influencers.

Just because these trends are popular doesn’t mean they’re a good idea. Twenty years from now, married couples will peruse wedding photos filled with choreographed dances, chalkboard signs, and cowboy boots, and they’ll think, “Why did I do that?” Save yourself from this grief. Avoid these awful wedding trends at all costs.

Signs That Imply The Groom Doesn’t Want To Get Married

Wooden sign that says,

Are you really going to host a wedding for all your friends and family while placing relationship red flags everywhere? Decorations that say “Too late to run, here she comes!” are outdated. Most people who see those signs will think that the relationship is unhealthy. That’s the last thing you want to promote on your wedding day.

It’s the twenty-first century. Nobody’s locked into a marriage in return for a goat. You’d hope that the groom is marrying his bride because, you know, he loves her.