We’re Jumpin’ Jumpin’ For Destiny’s Child’s Reunion Tour Next Year

Beyonce proves that Destiny's Child is a "Survivor" by reuniting the group after 15 years.

A music insider told The Sun that Beyonce has secretly been talking to Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams about getting the trio back together.

"Beyonce has been desperate to get the girls back together with her in the studio," the insider said. "She can't think of a better time than 2020, when they will be marking two decades as one of the world's biggest all-female groups.

"She saw the success of the Spice Girls tour and wants to replicate that--but far bigger and better."

In 2005, Destiny's Child said there goodbyes with a final world tour called Destiny Fulfilled. Since then, fans have remained loyal to the trio. Now, the insider reveals that Destiny's Child plans to tour throughout the U.S. and U.K.

Although rumors about a reunion spread six years ago, it seemed that the women were too busy with their own careers to organize it. Since 2006, Rowland has released five studio albums, appeared in the show Empire, and even sang for Michelle Obama. Williams has stared in her own reality show Chad Loves Michelle, as well as Broadway and the American Soul series. And of course, Beyonce Knowles has continued her lucrative music career with her husband, Jay-Z.

"It's early days," the insider told The Sun, "but they want to record new music and put it alongside some of their biggest hits."

After 15 years of being off stage, the trio is making a move that is sure to delight their devoted fanbase.