Things Americans Do That Confuses The Rest Of The World

Ah yes, Americans. The rest of the world loves to hate on us for our crazy antics, especially on the internet. Isn’t it just so funny that Americans always refer to products by their brand names, like ‘Kleenex’ instead of tissues or ‘Advil’ instead of ibuprofen? Hilarious. And don’t even get me started on all our crazy eating habits. Chicken and waffles? Ranch dressing? Biscuits and gravy?

Quite frankly, we Americans don’t even fully understand some of these things (like those little paper water cooler cups, what’s the deal with those?) but at least we can laugh at ourselves!

Summer Camp Gives Parents A Break During The Summer

Photo Credit: Twitter / @hollyelizaxo
Photo Credit: Twitter / @hollyelizaxo

It’s not exactly a reenactment of Wet Hot American Summer, but summer camp is definitely a thing in North America. How else would parents get rid of their kids for an extended period of time when they need a break?

There’s day camp for parents who want to be able to send their kid off to have fun and be someone else’s responsibility but still be home for dinner, and then there’s sleep-away camp where the only communication you have is via emails or letters. Some parents opt for a combination of both. It’s all about balance!