People Are Sharing Memes to Represent Where They Live And It’s Hilarious

It’s easy to poke fun at other countries, but thanks to a new trend going around the internet, people are poking fun at their own countries now. There’s also a lot of people specifically talking about Texas, but there are countries smaller than Texas, so it counts.

Honestly, who’s better to poke fun at the giant spiders with red fangs of Australia or the friendly deer of Japan than residents of those countries? There’s no one more qualified!

What Counts As Catastrophic?

fire risk in australia from low-moderate to catastrophic
Photo Credit: Reddit / Brinq
Photo Credit: Reddit / Brinq

When you live in Australia, you apparently need to just always be prepared for a potential fire. One Reddit user was kind enough to attempt to explain to all of us non-Australians why exactly a ‘high’ risk of fire is only the second danger rating, and why they range all the way up to ‘catastrophic.’

Basically, once you get into the last three categories it means a fire is definitely going to happen and you need to evacuate your area because rescue services won’t be able to stop the fires or save you. Seems like a fun place to live right?