Memes About Not Wanting Kids That’ll Get You Through The Next Family Reunion

Having No Kids Is Basically Living The Same Life As Your 20’s Constantly

lady no kids cartoon she's gonna have a greta day following a goose
Photo Credit: @maddylainer / Twitter
Photo Credit: @maddylainer / Twitter

Do you remember the days in your 20’s when you would wake up at 12 pm, go outside to see if you could scrounge up free coffee, and then spend the day in the park with a bottle of wine mulling over art, literature, and your best friend’s questionable mullet?

It’s that no-schedule life that you can keep living without kids in the picture. Lady No Kids is the bard inside of us who’s ready to have a chill Saturday living her best life. That means not dragging yourself and 60 lbs of baby stuff to a finger painting event.