Memes About Not Wanting Kids That’ll Get You Through The Next Family Reunion

What’s got two thumbs, a full 8 hours of sleep, and isn’t looking at $300 stroller models online? These people. Not everyone wants kids and there’s nothing wrong with that despite what your Aunty may say at Christmas. Just ignore her and reach for that mimosa that you can drink because you’re not pregnant.

People are sharing memes that are oh so relatable for all of us who don’t want little bank account drainers running around any time soon. There’s nothing wrong with wanting kids of course, but just maybe keep them over there. Way over there.

Pet Babies Are Peak Responsibility

lady cuddling her cat in a blanket
Photo Credit: realwomenfightnaked / Imgur
Photo Credit: realwomenfightnaked / Imgur

People always say getting a dog or a cat is training for taking care of your our little human one day and we’re here to tell you that’s just not true. Pets are the lights of our lives and are our kids forever. Actually, they might be better since they don’t even need diapers.

When those same friends are laughing at you for swaddling your pet just remember that you two are going home to an evening of falling asleep on the couch eating snacks while your friends will be up all night dealing with kid drama.