Hotels That Are Doing The Absolute Most To Keep Us Coming Back

Everyone loves to feel special when they stay in a hotel. As much as we love to get away from our own lives and stay somewhere else, there are some hotels that go above and beyond for their customers.

Have you ever wanted to stay at a hotel that will build you your very own fort? Or what about a hotel that provides with a pillow menu so you can have the best sleep possible? These hotels are doing the absolute most to get our business and have us coming back again and again.

Never Get Lost On Your Way Home

taxi card with map on it
Photo Credit: Reddit / why_i’m_single
Photo Credit: Reddit / why_i’m_single

For the people who love to explore the local areas around your hotel but also are really bad with direction and have a habit of getting lost, this hotel has a solution for you.

This hotel in China has cards that guests can give to taxi drivers so if you don’t speak the language or can’t remember the name of the street your hotel is on, you’ll always know you’re being taken back to the right place!