These People Are Too Tall For Japan

If you’re looking to go on an adventure, look no further than Japan. The country is full of delicious food, unbelievable cityscapes, crazy technology, interesting wildlife, and vibrant culture. Just be aware that when you go to Japan, the people there might be a bit shorter than you. If you’re around 6 feet or taller, this country isn’t really built for your kind.

Keep reading to see some tall people who didn’t quite fit in — literally.

Too Tall For The Hallway

bending down in japan
Photo Credit: @2tall / Twitter
Photo Credit: @2tall / Twitter

The two Japanese ladies in kimonos are walking through this hallway without any problems. Look at them strutting their stuff like the street is their runway. This American, on the other hand, well, he’s having a tougher time.

This probably isn’t the first time he’s had to mind his head while walking through Japanese spaces. We just hope he didn’t end up bumping his head on one of those orange beams. Stay safe, tall friend.