If You’re Sleeping On Lil Nas X It’s Time To Wake All The Way Up

Some have been calling 2019 the year of Lil Nas X and yeah, they would be right. ‘Old Town Road’ has stayed at the top of the Billboard Top 100 for 13 straight weeks beating classic Drake slaps like ‘In My Feelings’ and ‘God’s plan’ for the title. Kiki, do you even stream?

If you’ve been living under a rock and away from literally every radio station and Instagram meme then you don’t know about this kid and his cowboy vibes. But if you do know, then you know. Here are just a few more things to know about him.

Country-Rap Wasn’t Happening Before Him

hats on hats on hats lil nas x
Photo Credit: @lilnasx / Instagram
Photo Credit: @lilnasx / Instagram

When we all heard Billy Ray Cyrus hop on this track and harmonize with rapper Lil Nas X, we were all into it. It feels just as natural to bump this in the car as when you’re on your way to your uncle’s cookout in the country. Save a plate for ol’ Bobby Ray.

Country-rap didn’t always have this kind of staying power though. Musicians have tried and tried again to make the genre crossover work. Both country and rap, while their audiences are different, have a reputation as American pop culture’s punching bag.