Logan Paul, The “Fastest Man In The World,” Is Rapidly Losing Money

In an interview with Fox Business Network, 24-year-old YouTuber Logan Paul revealed that he's "going downhill" financially.

Although Paul made around $14.5 million in 2018, it seems that his expenses now outweigh his salary. "I will say, my expenses just surpassed my income for the first time ever," he told reporter Liz Claman. "I just sat with my business manager, and he told me that. I'm definitely going downhill from here."

Despite believing that this is "the beginning of the end," Paul said that he would continue posting on Youtube since that's where most people watch content.

Paul also admitted that he is "not so concerned with money," which might be why his expenses overcome his earnings. His house in Encino, California, is worth $6.55 million, according to the L.A. Times.

In the same interview, Paul entirely switched gears and launched into a questionable brag. He said, "I'm the fastest YouTuber; I'm the fastest entertainer on the planet...I'm betting 100,000 dollars that I'm the fastest man on the planet."

To no one's surprise, internet users quickly began mocking his speech, claiming that he's never seen Usain Bolt run.

Paul also asserted that his podcast, Impaulsive, ranks number one in the world. Although Impaulsive is popular, the data denies his claim. Chartable lists his podcast at number 157 in the U.S. and number 215 in the U.K. According to Spotify, Impaulsive ranks number 26 in both countries.

Although this "ex-controversial YouTuber" (as he calls himself) still garners success, he seems stunned by his lower pay. Time will tell whether or not his channel will "go downhill."