The Greatest Frontmen (And Women) In Rock ‘n’ Roll History

The energy, the sexual appeal, the unyielding artistry and defiant angst — these artists embody what it means to be a rock icon. The definition is never the same twice. While stars like Janis Joplin use their softness as the most biting weapon, others like Jim Morrison capture a frenetic, untouchable energy that’s as captivating as it is uncomfortable. These enigmatic singers have wailed, crooned, and shaken their hips into the rock and roll history books.

Bruce Springsteen

Image credit: Clayton Call / Redferns / Getty Images
Image credit: Clayton Call / Redferns / Getty Images

Few frontmen embody the heart and soul of working-class America. Bruce Springsteen isn’t just a New Jersey rock and roll treasure – his work also draws from ’60s R&B, punk, and folk, aligning him to paint inspiring tales of blue-collar heartbreak.

In 2018, Springsteen is a superhero of sorts. The rocker is well into his sixties and regularly throws three-hour concerts. He’s also managed to never forget his roots. The rock hero recently played a secret, small-venue show in his old Asbury Park, NJ, haunting grounds. Though his career led him to 20 Grammy wins and 50 nominations, he still plays for the love of it.