Behind The Scenes Facts About The Cast Of Stranger Things

Almost three years exactly after season one captured audiences across the world, season three of the Netflix science fiction horror Stranger Things has finally been released! To celebrate the return of everyone’s favorite Demogorgon-fighting cast of kids, we’ve got some of the behind-the-scenes secrets and cast you may not know about the show that’ll turn your perspective upside down.

Did you know how unlikely the odds were of the kids being cast into their iconic roles?

The Inspiration Behind The Show

Ross and Matt Duffer, stranger things creators and directors
Photo Credit: CHRIS DELMAS/AFP/Getty Images
Photo Credit: CHRIS DELMAS/AFP/Getty Images

Stranger Things was created by relatively unknown twin brothers Matt and Ross Duffer. When creating their smash-hit show, the motivation behind the Stranger script – as described by the Duffers – was “What if Steven Spielberg directed a Stephen King book?”

The brothers drew a lot of inspiration for the show from King, and King himself actually tweeted about actress Millie Bobby Brown years before she was cast, saying “Millie Brown, the girl in INTRUDERS, is terrific.”