Diving Into The Real Lives Of The Women Of Marvel

Not only does Marvel dominate comic books, but they’ve taken over your TV and movie screen as well. With Avengers: End Game becoming the second highest grossing movie all-time domestically and worldwide, it’s hard not to notice these heroes. The women superheroes are especially tough to miss. In 2019, Marvel gifted audiences with their first female lead, Captain Marvel as played by Brie Larson. On and off the screen, Larson is incredible, so what about the rest of the Marvel ladies? You’re about to find out.

Olivia Munn As Psylocke

x-men-apocalypse_ Olivia Munn Psylocke
Twentieth Century Fox
Twentieth Century Fox

In X-Men: Apocalypse, one of Marvel’s most beloved characters finally entered the fray. Olivia Munn had the honors to play Psylocke, a master combatant who can manifest swords with her telekinetic powers. She can also use shadows to teleport.

Psylocke isn’t someone you want to upset. With her wide range of powers, she’s sure to be a tough cookie in a fight. As far as which side she’s on, Psylocke is more of an anti-heroine. Maybe Marvel will make her one of the good guys soon.