This Bus Became The Perfect Small Home For This Incredible Woman

Living in Manhattan was starting to feel cramped for Jessie Lipskin when she decided her life needed a big change. No longer comfortable with her path, she desired more freedom and personal flexibility. To achieve this, she turned to eBay, where she started looking for a new home. Not just any home, though. She wanted a bus she could envision living in. Lipskin was about to embark on a life-changing DIY project that would give her everything she wanted. This is her incredible journey to freedom and happiness.

Ditching The Everyday

jessie lipskin was tired of her life in New York when she decided to make the change of a lifetime

Jessie Lipskin was 27-years-old and living in New York when she began to grow weary of the hustle and bustle of the city. Seeing the people she loved struggle to survive made her realize she needed a way out.

That’s when she came up with her tiny home idea. She saw happiness on the road and just needed to figure out a way to make her new dreams come true. Little did she know her small ambitions were about to turn into a massive project!