Yes, These Cats Have Jobs And They Look Super Cute Doing Them

You might think cats are lazy animals who lie around the house all day and don’t contribute to society, but you would be wrong about that, my friend. Cats are actually very useful and productive animals who can hold down jobs better than most humans I know.

Okay, my cat is very lazy, and mostly it’s his job to rub his face against my computer charger until it stops working, but the cats in this article are actually good workers.

A Professional Gardener

Photo Credit: @hurdletreenurseries / Instagram
Photo Credit: @hurdletreenurseries / Instagram

Gardening can be really hard work. Sometimes you just have to take a little catnap after all of that strenuous digging and seed placing. This is Mellie. She is a professional gardener. She gets paid for her work in head scratches and pieces of kibble.

Mostly she flattens down the soil by lying on it and making sure that everything is in tip top shape. Her job is essential to ecosystems everywhere.