These Awkward Photos of Families Will Convince You That You’re A Perfect Parent

Every family goes through awkward stages, but these pictures will prove that some families take it to another level. Go on and take a look at some photos that will prove to you why you’re doing just fine as a parent or a human being in general.

Just Layin’ Around

People need to stop taking family photos laying in a group pile. Not only is just plain awkward to look at, but if you think about it, the mother’s body is way too close to her sons. This family should leave a little space in between each other’s bodies, just for safety’s sake.

Isn’t this supposed to be an all women’s pose anyway? Perhaps the mother convinced the men to give it a try and they came up with this awkward order. Even though it is tallest to shortest, having the son on top of the mom like that is a bit awkward, don’t you think?


The hairstyles in this picture alone are terrifying enough to make a small child cry. But, the real question is, why is there a dummy or a puppet in the back of their family portrait? It makes you wonder if that dummy is a member of the family?

It also makes you wonder many other things. Notice how there is no male in the photo but the dummy appears to be a man. Is it taking the place of what should have been a human male? At least the dog and the cat seem to be having a good time.


This family photo is completely confusing and looks like a remembrance piece. The family on the left looks somewhat normal, besides the youngest child’s bowl cut ’90s hairdo. But, what’s with the pensive father looking off into the distance?

If this is a remembrance piece then at least the family looks happy and not in despair over the lost fatherly figure who is inflated behind them. This portrait has to be hung on the walls of your room. It might make some people feel a certain way if they see it in the living room when they walk in.

Eddie, Is That You?

Eddie Murphy is a funny guy. However, it is the wife in this photo that pulled off a very funny joke. All because her husband couldn’t make it to the shoot. Sometimes, it is better to improvise than to call it quits. The backlash could cost you some trust and love so be careful who you improvise with.

“My husband couldn’t make it to the family portrait photo shoot. Rather than cancel, I brought a “replacement”. This is what went in all our Christmas cards. My husband’s family was not amused and he wouldn’t talk to me for days.”

Rolling Eyes

The father in this photo looks like a serial killer and the daughter looks like she knows what’s up. If you are planning on taking a family photo this holiday season with your family, be sure to all smile. Another tip is to look at the camera directly, unlike what this family did.

The daughter also looks like she lost a bet to her father. He bet that if she couldn’t clean her room fast enough that he would make that face that she hates in the family pictures. Before the picture was snapped, she rolled her eyes up to see if he would do it and in fact, he did.

Wear Pants In Your Photos

This dad looks way more proud of his look than he should be. There is absolutely no reason why a parent should ever be wearing shorts with a tie. That’s just a fashion “don’t.” Also, the brother seems to be choking his mother as his sibling just stands by to watch. A picture is really worth a thousand words.

A thousand words may not be enough for what is going on in this picture. Why on earth would he be choking her like that? Once again, why would the photographer allow such mayhem to take place in his place of business. Just what exactly is this photo implying?

Much Love For The Pets

If you’re ever thinking about your children, or your pets, as part of your family, it’s best to actually include them in your family photo. This photo makes it seem like these parents are mourning the loss of their two adorable pets, which is just sad. If you’re planning on taking a picture with your pet family, include them in the photo.

The pets could also be too much to handle and they knew it would be a hard time trying to get them to pose in the picture. Sometimes, photoshop can be your best friend when you need it.

Puppies In Sweaters

This picture actually shows a quite loving family. While it’s great these two parents put their puppies in sweaters to keep them warm, the sweaters themselves are disgusting. If you’re dying to warm up your puppy in a great outfit, at least put them in a trendy fashion-forward piece.

Outside of the unworthy dog sweaters, this photo is not that bad. It is just giving us a lesson on how not to dress out animals. There are plenty of nicer pieces of clothing to give our pets. Assuming they don’t have kids, maybe if they did the kids would have told them better.

That Mask Is Terrifying

This photo looks AMAZING before you get to the child in a demon mask. The family on the right is wearing white clothes from the ’70s and holding their baby. But that child literally looks like a demon who’s going to haunt someone in their sleep. Don’t ever let your children wear masks like that!

The masks could be an evil leprechaun as well. Perhaps the kids had a bad scar on his or her face and didn’t want to be seen so the parents let him or her wear that mask. Can you think of any other plausible reason to allow such ridiculousness?

The Giant Doggo

There are only two explanations for this photo. Either the woman is being attacked by a huge dog the size of Godzilla, or the woman is super tiny. No matter which one it is, or even if Photoshop is used, this portrait is just too confusing.

Too confusing and pointless overall. Your dog is already in your hands, why feel the need to enlarge the dog in the background? And the dog owner has a very indifferent face going on. Is she happy to be there or did someone force her to take this picture? Maybe she should have smiled.

The Unhappy Camper

There is always that one person that just messes up the whole vibe. Sometimes it isn’t on purpose and there is a well thought out reason behind it.

“Our photographer told the bridesmaids and groomsmen to act as if they were talking among themselves. Eoin clearly did not buy in to this and was unable to hide his displeasure. When asked about this photo he replied with the following, ‘the guy on the right can’t have said something that funny and some of the bridesmaids clearly aren’t talking to anyone at all.’ We’re so glad that Eoin was a part of our special day.”

They’re All Matching

This photo is meant to look glamorous, with all white errthang, but it ends up looking more like “white trash.” Even the dogs are white, which makes the photo both strange and just boring. Also, the daughter is dressed in a rather revealing dress which amps up the trashy feel of the photo.

They could have been like the family we featured earlier and had the dogs wear some type of sweaters so they didn’t have to match with the dog but they felt more comfortable matching with the dogs. Next time, make sure the daughter covers up more.

It Looks Awful

The people in this photo tried to have good intentions by being overtly cute in their engagement photos. But, by putting the ring in their mouths, it just looks like they have wads of gum stuck in their teeth. This photo proves why good intentions don’t always work out so well.

It also looks like they were channeling their inner Nelly and have half a grill on their teeth. We can’t determine which one of them came up with the idea or if the other was more reluctant but it just seems off to us for some reason.

Matchy Matchy

Family photos are supposed to be cute and they are supposed to be somewhat embarrassing for children. But, this photo is way too embarrassing for the children in the photo who look like they’re wearing a tablecloth. Not to mention, one of the kids has clearly just wet her pants.

Did they just think it would be funny to post this picture on the web and embarrass the one who wet herself? Now they have some good conversation for the family get together’s. We wonder if she is upset over this or if she got a laugh from it.

Santa’s Little Helpers

Santa pictures are adorable, usually. The Santa actor is the only person in this photo who looks like he is having any fun at all. The one child in the front really looks like he’s trying to attack everyone to get out of the picture. Kids… you gotta love ’em!

Santa is just there to collect a paycheck. You can tell because you can see it in his eyes. The laugh is forced and he knows as well as anyone that he doesn’t get paid enough to be handling kids who are ready to riot in his lap.

Black Cats Are Bad Luck

Black cats are bad luck and shouldn’t be held like babies. This picture proves black cats can be pets, but they are always slightly terrifying. Almost as terrifying as this guy’s wicked Napoleon Dynamite style hair cut. And just what exactly are they looking at? It looks almost as if the cat spotted a mouse dangling from the ceiling and the owner is just waiting to let go so the cat can pounce on the prey.

Some tips to him for the future; get a new haircut and pick a different pose for the picture. That might clean up some of the questions people will ask.

A Big Hug?

This arguing family looks equally happy and terrified that they are fighting. The Dad is clearly the big man in charge, but the children look happy even though they are being choked to death. When you’re taking a family photo, be sure to not make light of domestic abuse.

Making light of domestic abuse is most likely the biggest issue in this photo but the fact that someone can choke three people at once is a bit alarming. Both elbows handling two and his hands handling the third. Would you want to mess with this guy on a bad day?

His Eyes!

The eyes of both the rabbit and the child definitely tell a story. But, the main question we want to ask, is why are the Easter bunny’s eyes yellow? Did he eat too many carrots, or is he actually just suffering from jaundice? It doesn’t make for a cute photo.

Also, why would you let your child take a photo with a bunny that looks like it is strung out on some type of drug? Maybe the creator of this outfit should be fired and stopped from designing any more character suits because clearly, this is creepy.

A Universe Full Of Cats

Cats usually represent loneliness and older women, but this photo is definitely full of awkward love. This couple is dressed like they’re characters on Darla, but the interesting part of this photo is that it is set in space. Is there no love in the universe bigger than the love they had for their cat?

Maybe their combined love for one another is so astronomical that they had to set it in space. The way the cat is positioned seems like he or she just isn’t having a good time at all. We bet the cat was grumpy on the car ride home.

Too Much Love

Now, this is a stereotypical cat photo. This lonely Christmas sweater loving guy is holding onto his cat like it’s his love. The best part about this photo is the cat in the background, which is a blown up portrait of the SAME cat who the guy is holding. Genius!

Ugly sweater, a zoom in of his cat, and a perky smile; all the pieces that signify the life of a cat man. You’ve heard of cat ladies but there are also cat men and he seems to be proud of that fact that he falls into that category.

Where Are Your Pants?

This picture is all types of inappropriate. The grandparents are just holding their baby, but without any clothes on. Their attire looks more like a wedding night than anything else. The baby shouldn’t even be in their arms.

When the baby is grown and looks back at this picture, we are sure questions will be raised. “Why didn’t you have any pants on?” “What was going on before this picture was taken?” We could keep going on but we don’t want to paint too much of a vivid image in your head because we know you get the picture.

Is That A Possum?

Everything in this photo seems completely normal, even if you don’t agree with their choices of outfits. But, if you look very closely, you can almost see the man on the right is holding a possum. Once you find out the man in this photo is holding a rodent, the wholesome family aspect of this photo disappears.

There is nothing wrong with having pets. It is the obscure pets that make you question one’s judgment. A possum is a pretty much a wild animal and if you trust it in your house while you sleep then you must possess a ton more trust than others in this world.

Families Who Denim Together Stay Together

Family style is something which can foster love within the ranks of your household. But, this family is taking the white shirt and denim jean looks a little too far. Also, why are the children holding onto their parents’ legs like it’s the first day of school? Don’t make your children look desperate in your family photos.

The only way that would be acceptable is if the kids thought of the holding onto their parent’s leg idea. It also looks like there is the daughter who appears to be getting a piggyback ride from the dad. She could just be standing on a stool but it seems a bit off.

Sitting On A Tree Branch

This family photo is not only uncomfortable, but it looks really painful. Climbing up a tree of that caliber this way is definitely going to give you some rug burn, especially if you are wearing heavy denim. When you’re taking family photos, it might be a good idea to just keep your feet on the ground.

It also just seems like the way the tree extends out like that adds a bit of a suggestive tone to it, don’t you think? We don’t want to put any unnecessary thoughts in your head but what do you think immature kids will think?

Ooo, Nice

This photo is all types of 1980s spicy. The horn-rimmed glasses, holiday sweaters, and khakis really make this look pop. The only problem is when you’re trying to take a holiday family photo, you should try to feature some of your family members.

Wait one moment everyone. Why doesn’t he have any shoes on? Sitting in that pose was already enough but to come out here and not have any shoes or socks on is just too much. Wipe that silly grin off your face, sir and go put some shoes on before the photographer smells your feet.

This Is Just Gross

At first glance, it appears that this man is willing to put a bullet in your head if you mess with his family. He is the man of the house and if you want to get to them then you must go through him and his firearm.

Pregnancy is supposed to be beautiful, yet this photo proves awkward family photos can ruin even the miracle of life. This picture is almost the living embodiment of endangering the life of a child and proves again why you shouldn’t use guns in family photos.

Pet Parrot?

Again with the guns? This bayonet is not something which will show the world the love you have for your partner or your family at all. The parrot is also an added touch to the photo which proves why you should never add props to your family portraits.

Who still even owns a bayonet in the first place? This isn’t World War II, put that weapon away. And out of all the different pets that have been featured in this article, a parrot seems normal as could be now. Those glasses are anything but normal that the woman is wearing.

Don’t Blink!

Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year and is full of thanksgiving. Another great aspect of Christmas is the always awkward family greeting card. This photo is both great and weird. The family is dressed in awesome ugly Christmas sweaters, but they all have their eyes shut. What are they exactly trying to hide from here?

The only thing that makes us skeptical that this isn’t an outtake that got leaked to the internet is that all of their eyes are closed. Usually, it is just one or two people that get caught with their eyes closed but this is the whole clan. They must have had this planned for whatever reason.

This Family Is Strange

This family seems to either be friends or very close to each other. Their sweaters are on point, but the weird thing about this photo is the front two men seem to be the same person. Or they just happen to be twins with the exact same taste in fashion. All we know is it’s simply awkward to look at.

The other possibility is that these guys are just heavy in a group bromance and they had to share with the world how much they love each other. Nothing wrong with that as the twins seem to be the glue that holds the group together.

Happy Holidays

Everyone knows that candy cane stripes tend to emphasize your curves and make you look larger than you would desire. This family doesn’t seem to care as they are completely covered in candy cane pajamas. Also, what is the large pitcher of milk doing there? Maybe they’re just waiting for Santa’s reindeer.

This is for sure a classy Christmas picture, it just has its quirks like if you look close enough it seems like the parentals are wearing opposite bottoms. The dad has the red top with the green pants going on and the same with the mom.

The Real Meaning Of Christmas

There are almost no words for this picture. Imagine waking up on Christmas morning and running downstairs to see this family waiting under your tree to be opened. The only thing harder than getting into those boxes was trying to get out of them. This family should just try to buy and wrap toys.

They could be trying to send a message that they are the gift to those around them. A metaphor in a picture is a clever thing to pull off but that could not be the case at all. They could have just thought this was a good idea.

Hello, It’s Me

The invention of the cell phone was a huge advancement for technology, but those phones look like bricks. This picture is a definite blast from the past and those Zack Morris phones make it look like this photo was taken 70 years ago. Also, the mother’s suit is a crime against fashion.

Even the smallest child has a phone. Thinking this was a good idea was a bad idea. They are all carrying an overly excited smile like they are on the phone with someone who just told them they won a million dollars. Perhaps, but that is never the case.

Sophistication At Its Finest

This is the most hipster picture that has ever been taken. The fondue, the turtleneck sweaters, the cat, and the fake fireplace add to the sheer sophistication that makes up this photo. These hipsters prove why a night in with your cats is a night well spent.

At first glance, we thought they were brothers but that doesn’t really matter. The fact that they have fondue on tap ready to be enjoyed makes this photo that much better. We’re wondering if the cat takes part in the fondue as well or at least tries to sneak a taste when they aren’t looking.

This Picture Is Mystical

The background to this photo hasn’t been popular since people used it for their middle school yearbook photos in the 80s. The mystical background of this photo is just random, and even the cats look confused as to why it was used.

Also, the cats just appear to be going through the motions. They have probably become so used to the daily shenanigans that their owners put them through that this was a normal day for them. The shirts of the people also seem to match the galactic background they chose too. Nice move, now think of better ideas.

Whose Man Is That?

This photo is the weirdest and most awkward family photo on our list by far! The family is in complete medieval-era clothing, but it looks like they forgot to clothe their youngest child. The most perplexing aspect of this photo is the man in the back? Is he the creepy uncle or is he just a random guy holding the Excalibur sword?

The family must have a massive love for this era to go out and take a photo of them sporting the clothing style. It’s just a travesty that the baby couldn’t get in on the cool wardrobe dressing.

Enough With The Guns

Children holding guns are not cute and it is not something families should be proud of. Children don’t understand the power of guns or how to operate weapons, so they are more at risk to accidentally fire them. Don’t joke around like this.

This may not be a professional photo (because it would have been horrible if they were allowed to take this) but we sure do hope that they were not excited when they chose to share this. It spreads a negative message that kids should be wielding firearms when they should not even be thinking about it.

A Rooster Is Not A Pet

Some people are under the impression that pets are part of the family, and that’s very true. However, pets usually mean dogs and cats. A rooster isn’t usually part of a nuclear family because it belongs on a farm. It specifically belongs somewhere it can go to the bathroom not in your arms for a professional shot.

Why You Hunchin’?

Every year families take photos to send to other family members or friends. But this picture is just super uncomfortable to look at. Not only are all of the family members standing in front of a weird studio backdrop, but all of the people in this photo are hunching too.

Okay, maybe not everyone is hunching but the one who appears to be the mother is doing some type of hunch-shrug and it is unsettling, to say the least. Don’t the photographers tell those being photographed how to pose? Why would he tell her to do that?

Just. . . Stop

This family looks like it was trying too hard to be hipster or they’re throwing back to the early 1980s. The neon sweaters and the over-sized glasses make this family photo look corny and absurd. If you’re planning on taking a family photo, just wear clothes you bought during this decade.

The son looks like he doesn’t even want to be there. His amusement level went through the floor when the over-hyped dad shot this idea to him. The mom seems like she might have even been the one to come up with this silly idea the way she is smirking at the camera.