Someone Installed Punching Bags For Stressed Out New Yorkers All Across The City

New Yorkers aren’t always known for being the friendliest Americans, but now we’re outright saying we think they have anger issues. Neon yellow punching bags appeared throughout Manhattan in May to prove a point during NYCXDESIGN week.

Don’ttakethisthewrongway Studio took to the streets by installing these punching bags all around town so friendly and not-so-friendly New Yorkers could let out a little steam without harming anyone. While it seems simple, there was actually a purpose behind their design.

Use At Your Own Risk

@designboomcn punching bag in lower manhattan
Photo Credit: Instagram / @designboomcn
Photo Credit: Instagram / @designboomcn

As part of New York City’s 2019 NYCXDESIGN event, Georgia-based design studio don’ttakethisthewrongway (dtttww) installed public punching bags from May 15 – 21 in the Soho, Chelsea, and Washington Square Park areas.

Dtttww invited New Yorkers and visitors of NYCXDESIGN to release their frustration in a safe way, just a few blocks away from calendar events, cocktails, and other slippery situations. If you’ve ever walked down the crowded streets of New York City, you probably understand why these would be such a hit.