Russia Is Re-Making HBO’s Chernobyl And It Blames America

NTV Has Made Pro-Kremlin Chernobyl Before

The network airing the new show is no stranger to releasing pro-Kremlin Chernobyl content. In August 2014, it broadcasted a documentary describing critics of Russia’s policies in Ukraine as “traitors” and “fascists.” It also broadcast another program called “Anatomy of a Protest” that portrayed anti-government agitators as “Western puppets.”

chernobyl hbo helicopter walking guys
Photo Credit: Chernobyl / HBO / Movie Stills DB
Photo Credit: Chernobyl / HBO / Movie Stills DB

What’s different about this version is that it’s coming as a direct response to a hit show. HBO’s Chernobyl is wildly popular – it currently sits at 9.6/10 on IMDb and has 95% on Rotten Tomatoes. It will be interesting to see if Russia’s reaches that magnitude as well.