Rules You’ll Have To Live By To Become A TLC Star

TLC was originally branded as ‘The Learning Channel’, but it’s really made a name for itself thanks to reality TV. It’s no secret that the reality aspect of reality TV might be more acting than you think, but exactly how much of it is fake?

TLC is notorious for creating shows that fit in with their carefully curated wholesome family values image, and they’ll nix both you and your show if you no longer fit into their mold. So what does TLC actually require of their stars? Let’s find out.

They Have Control Of Your Social Media

Social media plays a huge role in a star’s image, and TLC has control over that. At this point, we should all understand that if you post something on social media, or anywhere on the internet, it’s going to stay there. And once it’s out there, anyone can find it.

Adam Busby TLC Outdaughtered
Photo Credit: Instagram / @adambuzz
Photo Credit: Instagram / @adambuzz

TLC cannot afford any slip-ups on social media, whether it’s posting something that isn’t appropriate, or even just liking another person’s post. If it can be twisted by someone else in any way, it shouldn’t be able to be connected to your social media.