German Circus Eliminates Live Animals Thanks To Incredible Holographic Technology

With an increasing push for circus acts and live performances to eliminate the use of animal performers, Germany act Circus Roncalli took matters into their own hands and developed the technology they needed to adapt.

Other circus acts like UniverSoulCircus and the Ringling Bros. have faced accusations of animal cruelty for years from animal rights organizations like PETA, as well as the US Government, but with this amazing technology, Circus Roncalli can completely eliminate the possibility for unfair treatment of circus animals.

Circus Roncalli

Circus Roncalli performers in Vienna June 2019

Germany-based Circus Roncalli was founded in 1976 by Bernhard Paul and Andre Heller, though just weeks after their opening Heller chose to leave the business due to creative differences. Paul is still the director to this day and is the creator behind the holographic animals.

Circus Roncalli is based in Cologne during the winter months, and tours throughout Germany and abroad during the summer months. Bernhard Paul is also responsible for one of the largest circus collections in Europe, including old costumes, circus books, and posters, which he plans to turn into the Roncalli Museum.