Former Mobster Having Trouble Finding A Job Because Of His Large Facial Tattoo

From a distance, it looks like he’s wearing a black bandana to cover his face. But upon closer look, you can see that’s not true. As a member of one of the most “notorious” gangs in New Zealand, Tamatea rugby club player Puk Kireka is very clear about with whom his loyalties lie.

Kireka has tattooed more than half his face with the word “notorious” to prove this allegiance to the Mongrel Mob, and he’s now saying he is having trouble finding a job. I can’t imagine why that would be??

The Question We’re All Thinking: WHY?

Puk Kireka
Photo Credit: Facebook / Puk Kireka
Photo Credit: Facebook / Puk Kireka

31-year-old father of three and New Zealand native Puk Kireka has received a lot of attention online recently for his large black and red tattoo that spells out “notorious” over nearly two-thirds of his face.

Kireka joined the Mongrel Mob in 2008 and later got the tattoo to prove his loyalty to the gang. Recently, he has been mocked online by rapper 50 Cent, who called him out on his personal Instagram page.