Curly Eyelashes Is The Fashion Trend That Absolutely No One Asked For

It seems like every few months a fashion blogger or makeup artist comes out with a strange new trend that takes the internet by storm. Curly eyelashes are apparently one of those trends.

Makeup artist Sofie Petersen introduced the latest trend (if you can even call it that) in one of her latest Instagram posts and we can all agree that they are basically the stuff of nightmares. Would you try out this crazy trend or is it a step too far?

Curly Eyelashes Are A Nightmare From The Upside Down

curly eyelashes by makeup artist sophie petersen

A true artist will push the limits of their craft and try new things, but Sofie’s latest creation went a little too far. These thick, dark, curly eyelashes look so awkwardly unnatural that you’re almost glad to know they’re fake.

The look of the eyelashes are unfortunate enough but it didn’t help that Sofie captioned the post “Puberty isn’t over.” We could have lived a very happy life never comparing eyelashes to pubic hair but now that image is burned into our mind forever.

It’s Not Her Weirdest Look Though

sofie petersen selfie with pink eyelashes

Believe it or not, curly eyelashes aren’t the weirdest thing that Sofie has done. As a makeup artist, she specializes in over-the-top and unique eye looks. Sometimes it’s lining your bottom lashes with bright pink mascara, and sometimes it’s attaching rocks to her eyelids to create a beach scene.

Some of Sofie’s other outrageous eye looks include freezing her laches in ice, stitching her eyelids together with needles, and using real blood as an eye shadow.

What’s Next? Nose Hair Extensions?

nose hair extensions inspired by makeup artist greta chen

Yes, actually, that is what’s next. Diving deep into the world of weird makeup trends from the past year you’ll find the equally-disturbing nose hair extensions. The trend was started by Instagrammer @gret_chen_chen way back in 2017 after she attached fake eyelashes to her nostrils.

The trend was a slow burn and in 2019 other makeup artists started picking up the trend and taking it way too seriously. All we have to say is good luck blowing your nose with those on.

Teeth Nails

nail salon art of nails that look like teeth

Continuing down the trail of nightmare-inducing beauty trends, why not try on some acrylic teeth nails? Manicure spot Nail Sunny shared these teeth nails on their Instagram page and they had us running for the hills. The nails are tediously sculpted out of acrylic and the final product can be chomped together.

Just like Sophie’s different eye looks, Nail Sunny has some other strange posts on the page. It looks like they’ve done everything from gummy worm nails to acrylics with fake babies on them.

Feathered Brows Are Actually Pretty Tame

makeup artist stella sironen with feathered eyebrows

Of all the bad makeup trends that come and go, eyebrows have seemed to take the brunt of it. In the last few years we’ve seen McDonald’s brows, Halo brows, fishtail brows, and even glittered brows. The latest strange eyebrow trend is feathered eyebrows, which really aren’t as bad as we expected them to be.

Are they weird? Yes. Would we do it to our own brows? Absolutely not. But thick, textured brows have been a big hit with models like Cara Delevingne so we’re willing to make an exception.