Curly Eyelashes Is The Fashion Trend That Absolutely No One Asked For

It seems like every few months a fashion blogger or makeup artist comes out with a strange new trend that takes the internet by storm. Curly eyelashes are apparently one of those trends.

Makeup artist Sofie Petersen introduced the latest trend (if you can even call it that) in one of her latest Instagram posts and we can all agree that they are basically the stuff of nightmares. Would you try out this crazy trend or is it a step too far?

Curly Eyelashes Are A Nightmare From The Upside Down

curly eyelashes by makeup artist sophie petersen

A true artist will push the limits of their craft and try new things, but Sofie’s latest creation went a little too far. These thick, dark, curly eyelashes look so awkwardly unnatural that you’re almost glad to know they’re fake.

The look of the eyelashes are unfortunate enough but it didn’t help that Sofie captioned the post “Puberty isn’t over.” We could have lived a very happy life never comparing eyelashes to pubic hair but now that image is burned into our mind forever.