How The Animals Of Chernobyl Are Surviving And Thriving After The Disaster

Wels Catfish Can Reach 200 Pounds In Normal Conditions

big catfish man dwarfed under big fish
Photo Credit: Sportex Italia / Facebook
Photo Credit: Sportex Italia / Facebook

According to Mousseau, the size of this catfish isn’t unusual at all. Really? Wels catfish, the kind in Chernobyl’s cooling pond, can reach up to 200 pounds in the wild. So these big guys are among friends with their massive 8-foot bodies.

Italian fisherman Dino Ferrari, featured in this photo, captured an 8.75 foot Wels catfish in the Po Delta back in 2015 that weighed 280 pounds. This fish wasn’t even the record breaker either. The record-setter weighs in at 297 pounds. Talk about a big fish to fry.