What’s Next For The Women Of Game Of Thrones Now That It’s Over

Game of Thrones introduced us to some pretty strong female characters. Now that the series is finally over though, you might be wondering what’s next for those leading ladies.

Many of the Game of Thrones women worked on other projects during filming and have a bunch of new projects lined out. Take a look at what’s coming up for these actresses and where you can find them on the big screen.

Maisie Williams Is Set To Become A Mutant

maisie williams got arya stark

The face behind the faceless character Arya Stark has grown up in front of our eyes. She went from an unsure little girl into one of the strongest characters on the show. When Maisie was cast, she had no acting credits to her name. Now, she’s starred in 13 film and television shows.

Her next big project will be portraying the mutant Wolfsbane (Rahne Sinclair) in the newest X-Men film. The New Mutants is set to release in 2020 and we can hardly wait.