Melania Trump Wears $20,000 Worth Of Clothes In Just Four Days

The First Lady of the United States always wears stunning, elegant outfits. But she broke a new record by wearing six outfits, collectively worth over $20,000, for a four-day trip to Japan.

Her dresses alone come out to $19,250. If you add on the shoes, belts, and jewelry, then $20,000 is the cheapest that her outfits could be.

Speaking of cheapest, her least expensive outfit was a Drie Van Noten white coat with a sunny orange floral pattern, worth $1,100. Her second cheapest was her bright pink Roland Mouret dress worth $2,020, which she wore to the Tokyo Grand Sumo Tournament.

When Melania arrived with her husband, President Donald Trump, to the Haneda International Airport, she was donning a white patterned Calvin Klein dress that cost $3,900. When she visited the Mori Building Digital Art Museum with Akie Abe, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s wife, she sported a navy blue jumpsuit by Loro Piana that cost $3,450.

Her most expensive outfit came out to $4,290, a white embroidered frock that she wore to meet Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako.

Despite her costly attire, Melania pays for all outfits and designs herself, according to her spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham. In an interview with Larry King, Melania clarified that she only buys things that she’ll wear more than once.