Every ’80s Reference From Stranger Things You Might Have Missed While Binge-Watching

Out of all the Netflix Originals, some stand above the rest. Whether it’s due to their action, the storytelling, the character development, or all of the above, some shows are just more enjoyable to watch. In 2016, the streaming service came out with one of its most ambitious shows yet, Stranger Things. The show did so well, that they almost immediately renewed it for season two. One of the great features of Stranger Things are all the retro references. Did you catch all these ’80s references from the second season?

That’s Some Risky Business

Stranger Things

Tom Cruise fans might have caught this one right away, but if not this is a pretty cool retro throwback. On the night of Halloween, everyone’s dressed up and the cute couple decided to pay homage to an oldie but goodie Cruise film.

Steve and Nancy showed up to the party dressed as the main characters from Risky Business. They pulled off this Joel and Lana look quite well too. A perfect couple’s outfit that was very ’80s.