These People Are Way Better At Crochet Than You’ll Ever Be At Anything

Before you read this article you should know that all of the pictures you’re about to see are going to make you want to become a crochet expert. It’s understandable that you might be a little intimidated by these crochet superstars but if they can do it, so can you.

You’ll probably have to put in hours of practice and patience but after seeing a crochet hamburger pet bed or a 100% Halloween costume, then you’ll realize it’s worth it. Read on to see some yarn masterpieces. Seriously, these things are works of art.

She Crocheted Herself!

Photo Credit: moneeo / Reddit
Photo Credit: moneeo / Reddit

When I first saw this picture, I legitimately thought there were two human people in it. Then I looked down at the dog and I was like, cool, one of those ladies has a crocheted replica of that dog. Then I realized that the whole second lady was crocheted too!

This is absolutely insane. That dog must be so confused right now. I’m so confused and I’m a human with a human brain.