These Celebs Took To Instagram To Share Some Barefaced #NoMakeup Selfies

Some people think it takes courage to post a no-makeup selfie online. People are so used to seeing perfectly airbrushed images that a totally natural, stripped down self-portrait is seen as a brave thing to do.

These women might be brave, but not for sharing a no-makeup selfie. These ladies are all drop dead gorgeous, so whether they’re wearing makeup or not, they’re still going to look like the physical embodiment of perfection. Keep reading to see what your favorite stars look like completely barefaced.

Gal Gadot

If you’ve ever looked at Gal Gadot and thought, there’s no way she can be that beautiful, and that cool, and that lovely, well, you’d be wrong. This is what Gal Gadot looks like without makeup.

Photo Credit: @gal_gadot / Instagram
Photo Credit: @gal_gadot / Instagram

I know, the world isn’t fair. We all wish we could be this flawless. Seriously Gal, could you tone it down just a little bit? Could you be just a little bit perfect? No wonder she was picked to play Wonder Woman.