Becca Longo Is Coming For The NFL And No Man Is Going To Stand In Her Way

Becca Longo was destined to make history. When she lines up to kick a field goal or extra point she finds herself in a zone. She tunes out the naysayers; the people who tell her she’ll never make it in football because she’s a girl. When the ball is snapped, she doesn’t hesitate, almost always kicking it perfectly through the uprights. As she turns to the crowd, she smiles, knowing how many people she’s just proven wrong. When the time comes, Becca Longo will try to be drafted by the NFL, making history as the first female player the league has ever seen. This is her story.

Alamosa Took A Chance On Change

Adams State University is located in Alamosa, Colorado. The town of 10,000 rests four hours south of Denver. The small NCAA Division II is home to Becca Longo. The star athlete has worked long and hard to be accepted as a woman in a “man’s world.”

Sadly, Longo’s battle for acceptance began long before she started kicking field goals for Adams State. It started in Arizona, where the brutal desert heat doesn’t discriminate based on gender. Becca learned her art there, and we need to travel back there to understand just how important her story is.