We Really Wish These TV Couples Would Have Ended Up Together, Do You?

Have you ever watched a TV series and grimaced because your favorite couple didn’t end up together? Writers are known for manipulating storylines so a character winds up with the wrong person, at least in some fans’ minds, and it can be downright frustrating. Warning: There are a lot of spoilers in here, beware.

The following TV couples didn’t end up together, but we really wish they did…

Partners In Crime Benson and Stabler Never Hooked Up On Law & Order: SVU

LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT — “Shadow” Episode 1111 — Pictured: (l-r) Mariska Hargitay as Det. Olivia Benson, Christopher Meloni as Det. Elliot Stabler — NBC Photo: Will Hart

Photo credit: NBC

Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson were partners for 12 years, and although they were never more than just friends and colleagues, a lot of fans wanted them to take their relationship to the next level. The pair even vowed to donate their kidneys to each other if they ever needed it. Awww!

While the pair had a lot of chemistry, they didn’t always agree on how to get the job done. It was their occasional friction and obvious connection that made fans wish the pair would eventually hook up. Alas, producers never put the two of them together between the sheets.

How I Met Your Mother’s Barney and Robin Got Married… But Only for a Bit


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News anchor Robin (Cobie Smulders) had on-again-off-again relationships with both Ted (Josh Radner) and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), and in the end — the season finale, in fact — she wound up tying the knot with Barney. But it definitely wasn’t happily ever after, despite the fancy wedding.

Just a few minutes into the finale, it’s revealed that the pair divorced within three years. Robin then ends up with Ted after all. It seems like these two were supposed to be together, although not every fan agreed. Barney meanwhile, ended up having a daughter a few years later from a one-night stand.

Sam and Diane Proved Opposites Attract on Cheers


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Sam Malone (Ted Danson) played a womanizing bartender on Cheers. During the series’ first five seasons, he and the academic Diane Chambers (Shelley Long) had an on-again-off-again relationship. While the twosome was quite different, they had some serious chemistry. They both dated other people during their breakups but kept winding up together.

Diane left the series in 1987, and Sam pursued a woman named Rebecca. In the end, he was unmarried and overcoming an addiction through group meetings and with the help of Frasier. It’s clear he should have made his relationship with Diane a priority instead of pursuing multiple meaningless relationships.

Cristina and Owen Had Electrifying Chemistry on Grey’s Anatomy


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Christina Yang (Sandra Oh), like many of the characters on Grey’s Anatomy, had complex relationships with several of her colleagues, including Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington), whom she got engaged to early on in the series. She also dated fellow surgeon Colin Marlow.

Cristina then married (and divorced) Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd). Although Owen has more than moved on with his romantic life, we still wish he and Christina had somehow managed to make it work. TV Guide critic Matt Roush noticed the “instant sparks” between the pair and their “electrifying” chemistry. Their relationship was tested by several events and ultimately it ended for good.

Buffy and Angel Were Star-Crossed Lovers


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Buffy and Angel were from opposite ends of the spectrum, but they tried to make it work. He was a vampire, and she was a vampire slayer. The pair fell in love despite insurmountable odds and made a go of it during the first three seasons of the popular WB series Buffy The Vampire Slayer. In the end, Angel left Buffy because he didn’t feel he was good enough for her.

Angel starred in his own spin-off, which focused on his search for redemption. He made several guest appearances on Buffy before appearing in the final episode in which he helped destroy the Hellmouth.

Phoebe & Joey Should Have Been More Than Just Friends


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Friends had its infamous romantic pairings — Monica and Chandler and Rachel and Ross, but what about Phoebe and Joey? How is it that the others hooked up, but they didn’t? The twosome had matching personalities. Both of them were a little odd, and they shared a similar sense of humor.

Plus, there was that one time that Joey kissed Phoebe. We know that by the end of the show Phoebe was happily married, but we think she and Joey would have made a great pair had they tested the waters and decided to give a romantic relationship a shot.

Mark and Lexie Met a Tragic End on Grey’s Anatomy


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While Mark Sloan and Lexie Grey didn’t initially appear to be a good match, the bad boy surgeon and Meredith’s sister ended up hitting it off. The pair wound up having an intense relationship that was ruined by a horrible plane crash. Lexie didn’t survive the disaster, even though Mark and Cristina Yang did everything they could to save her.

Even worse, after returning to the hospital, Mark succumbed to his injuries and passed away as well. The hospital was renamed Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, and even though they may have ended up in heaven together, it would have been better had they both lived to continue their love story.

Joyce and Bob Fought Evil Together on Stranger Things


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Bob and Joyce’s relationship on Stranger Things was short lived during the show’s second season. Yet, their brief affair struck a chord with fans, who couldn’t help but root for the single mom. Even though he was a simple RadioShack manager, it was obvious that Bob was really into Joyce.

While Bob had no idea what Joyce’s son Will was going through, he put her family first and did everything he could to help them. When he finally learned the truth, he helped them fight. Unfortunately, a demodog killed Bob before he had a chance to take his relationship with Joyce to the next level.

Glee’s Finn and Rachel Were Together Both On Screen and Off


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Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry were quite different from one another — he was a football quarterback and she was a theater nerd. Yet when they got together through the glee club, they became one of TV’s cutest couples. The pair had an on/off relationship, but it was obvious they cared for one another.

Unfortunately, Cory Monteith, who played Finn, died in 2013 from an overdose, leaving his real-life girlfriend Lea Michele (who played Rachel) behind. The tragedy was a struggle both on screen and off, and the memorial episode was heartbreaking, particularly after Rachel sang “Make You Feel My Love?”

Olivia and Fitz Made Sparks Fly on Scandal


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Just because a relationship starts with infidelity doesn’t mean it can’t work out, right? President Fitzgerald Grant and Olivia Pope demonstrated major chemistry on the screen in Scandal, even though he was cheating on his wife Mellie throughout most of it. The two made such a hot pair because they shared the same ambitions.

Powerful and career-driven, Olivia and Fitz made a great team while running the country and tackling problems along the way. Yet, after seven seasons creator Shonda Rhimes split them up. They never ended up retiring in that country home in Vermont or having the happy ending we all hoped for.

Xander and Anya Nearly Tied the Knot on Buffy the Vampire Slayer


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Anya was a former vengeance demon who started dating Xander after losing her powers in season four of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Once she became mortal, she struggled to fit in, particularly due to her lack of tact. Still, she and Xander hit it off and by the end of season five were engaged.

The pair were still glued at the hip through most of season six, until she turned into a demon again and the two split up. The pair fought the First Evil together and eventually become friends again, but even though they still loved one another, they never got back together.

Rory & Jess Were Clearly Meant To Be on Gilmore Girls


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Rory Gilmore had three significant relationships on Gilmore Girls. Dean was her first love, Logan was the rich kid, and Jess was the bad boy. While Jess had his problems, the pair made a good match and brought the best out in each other. She helped him make important life decisions, and he showed her how to have fun.

Prior to the Netflix revival, Rory had decided not to marry Logan. At the end of the revival, it’s revealed that she’s pregnant with who many assumed was his baby. However, is it possible that Jess is the dad because she briefly ran into him. Maybe they reconnected?

Will and Alicia Sizzled on The Good Wife


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Will Gardner and Alicia Florrick were old friends. Alicia went back to work as a junior litigator at the law firm Stern, Lockhart & Gardner, after Will helped her get the job. The pair’s relationship was complicated due to the romantic feelings they harbored for one another.

The pair dated during season two but broke up in season three after Alicia’s daughter went missing. Yet, throughout the series, the twosome had a hard time keeping their hands off one another. When Alicia left the firm in season five, Will was really upset. Then he was killed in a courtroom shooting and they never had any closure.

Beverly Hills 90210’s Donna and David Were Supposed To Live Happily Ever After


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Donna Martin and David Silver were high school sweethearts. He even respected her decision to remain a virgin but screwed things up when he cheated on her with another girl. The pair got back together, and Donna finally lost her virginity to David during her senior year of college.

The couple, who were on-again-off-again lovers for years, finally tied the knot during the series finale. However, the show’s spinoff revealed that the pair split up shortly after they welcomed their daughter while living in Japan. David did leave a note that said, “Thinking of you,” but it’s unclear if they reconciled.

Dan and Blair Were a Better Match on Gossip Girl


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Blair Waldorf had relationships with several men during Gossip Girl’s run, but it was her romances with Dan Humphrey and Chuck Bass that really stirred up viewers — many of whom preferred one over the other. Dan had a lot of supporters, particularly among critics who believed they were naturally meant to be together.

Actor Penn Badgley told the media that he thought Blair was Dan’s soul mate, and Ed Westwick even believed that Dan loved Blair more than Chuck did. Blair and Chuck earned the nickname “Chair” from fans, while Blair and Dan were called “Dair.” However, in the series finale, Blair married Chuck, and they had a son.

Kevin and Winnie Went Their Separate Ways on The Wonder Years


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Kevin and Winnie were neighbors when they were growing up during the Vietnam War. Kevin had a huge crush on Winnie, but they didn’t end up together like fans hoped. The final episode featured an epilogue explaining that Winnie went off to study art history in Paris.

The pair corresponded for several years, but when Winnie returned to the United States, she was greeted by Kevin, his wife, and their child. Kevin said in a voiceover, “Things never turn out exactly the way you plan them.” While the pair didn’t end up together, they shared many moments, and she was a part of some of his most important events.

Tara and Willow Made History on Buffy The Vampire Slayer


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When Willow and Tara first got together, some fans had a hard time getting behind their relationship. But eventually, they changed their tune. The pair ended up being one of the first recurring lesbian couples on primetime television. Their relationship was very sweet, and the duo made a good team.

Unfortunately, at the end of season six, Tara was accidentally shot and killed, which turned Willow into a crazy woman. Many fans were angry about the turn of events, accusing writers of homophobia. Creator Joss Whedon responded that it was necessary in order to move Willow’s story forward.

Joan and Roger Were Hot on Mad Men


Photo credit: AMC

Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks) and Roger Sterling (John Slattery) had a bit of a history. They hooked up during season one of Mad Men while Roger was married to Mona, his first wife. They later escalated their romance, and the pair had some great chemistry. In season four, they even had a child together.

However, things weren’t meant to be, and they didn’t end up together. Instead, Roger chose to be with Don Draper’s ex-wife Megan’s mother, Marie Calvet. Joan wound up a divorcee after her husband, Greg, returned from Vietnam and then decided to go back. We still think Joan and Roger should have wound up together.

Brooke Brought out the Best of Lucas on One Tree Hill


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During a good portion of the series, Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) was caught between two women, Peyton Sawyer and Brooke Davis. It was a struggle he had to cope with alongside playing basketball and his heart condition. In the end, he chose Peyton, but he really should have ended up with Brooke.

Lucas and Brooke were really good together, and she made him a better person. Actress Hilarie Burton later claimed that in the writers’ initial plan, Brooke and Lucas were supposed to be together while Peyton and Jake ended up together. Many fans still wish this is the way things actually worked out.

Serena and Nate of Gossip Girl Were Better off Together


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Serena and Dan wound up together at the end of Gossip Girl, but a lot of fans were unhappy with this conclusion. Dan revealed he was Gossip Girl all along, and in the blog there were times that he was quite hard on Serena. Nate, meanwhile, had feelings for Serena for a long time, and they were good together.

Serena and Nate hooked up at the Shepard wedding, and it proved that the pair got along much better with each other than they did with the other people in their lives. Still, Serena chose Dan, opting to see his blog entries as a really long love letter.