These Parents Couldn’t Believe What Their Daughters Did To The House While They Were Away

It’s never easy for parents to leave their children alone and go on vacation. Sure, the vacation is amazing and rejuvenating, but what are they going to return home to? The biggest worry on the flight or drive home is that the house is going to be unrecognizable. It will be a trainwreck of dirty dishes, over-filled trash cans, and smelly laundry. For the parents of four girls in South Carolina, they never expected to come home to the condition their house was in. They were absolutely floored — and you will be too.

Fame Came As A Surprise

Hollie Schoonover always dreamed of being famous but never imagined it would happen because of a viral video. It wasn’t just any viral video, though. Hollie posted a video on YouTube showing her and her three sisters do something incredible for their parents.

When she posted the video, views slowly came in. Hollie was no overnight sensation, but once the world caught wind of her story it was unstoppable. Her and her sisters couldn’t believe how many people they were reaching!