Some Of The Most Unbelievable Things That Actually Happened At The Airport

Considering how many people pass through airports across the world, it’s kind of a given that things are going to get a little weird every once in awhile… but some things that happen before and after planes have taken off go beyond the unexpected. Whether there have been exotic animals loose in the building or human body parts being transported that definitely shouldn’t be, some truly insane moments have gone down in all kinds of major airports.

This Emotional Support Peacock Was Denied A Ride

It’s illegal for certain institutions not to let people bring their legitimate service animals with them, even in places where animals typically aren’t allowed, but that didn’t exactly work for this woman and her pet. When a lady attempted to bring her emotional support peacock on a United Airlines flight out of Newark Airport, she was denied… because obviously, peacocks can’t really go on planes, duh.

A spokesperson for the airline said it was officially because the peacock didn’t meet guidelines for animals who are safely able to travel with them, which makes a lot of sense because, like we said, it’s a peacock.