Secrets You Never Knew About Camilla Parker Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall

Camilla Parker Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall, is famously married to Prince Charles. The pair got off to a rocky start and she’s historically been blamed for his failed marriage to Princess Diana. Yet, their love for one another superseded public perception, and they’ve been happily married for over a decade.

Over the years royal watchers and the Queen herself have warmed up to Camilla. She’s fun, outgoing, charitable and passionate about her projects. But there are some things you may not know about the duchess. Check out some fascinating facts about the woman who swept the future King of England off his feet when they first met over 40 years ago…

Camilla and Charles Travel With a Secret Stash of Booze

Charles and Camilla carry their own alcohol with them when they travel. According to journalist Gordon Rayner, who has been a part of 20 royal tours, the pair brings a secret stash of alcohol with them for a very good reason. “Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall sometimes take their own alcohol so there’s no danger of their drinks being spiked,” he told Conde Nast Traveler.

Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images
Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images

Bodyguards actually hold the alcohol when the couple travels. “Their police bodyguard will discreetly carry a bag of their drinks,” said Rayner. He noted that Charles’s favorite drink is a gin and tonic while Camilla prefers red wine.