These Celebrities Were Arrested While Fighting for What They Believe In

When celebrities get arrested, it’s typically for crimes like domestic abuse, driving under the influence, or possession of an illegal substance. But some celebrities are arrested for much more noble reasons. Throughout history, few celebrities have been arrested while protesting or standing up for what they believe in. Standing side-by-side with everyday citizens, they want their voices to be heard, and they want to use their celebrity status and influence to draw attention to issues. While they’re rarely thrown behind bars for long, they’re still willing to face the consequences to fight for what they believe in. Step across the police barrier and see the celebrities that have had their hands cuffed while standing up for reasons near and dear to their heart.

Shailene Woodley Was Arrested While Protesting The Dakota Access Pipeline

Alex Wong / Staff
Alex Wong / Staff

On October 10, 2016, actress Shailene Woodley was arrested for alleged criminal trespassing while protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline on Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s reservation. She began protesting not long after the United State’s Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit rejected the tribe’s request to stop the construction of the pipeline.

After her release, Woodley’s representative released a statement saying, "Shailene Woodley has been released from the Morton County Jail in North Dakota. She appreciates the outpouring of support, not only for her but more importantly, for the continued fight against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline."