The Most-Wanted Movie Sequels That Fans Deserve

Some movies are so good that they immediately leave you asking for more. In most cases, a sequel or more follow a fantastic film. We’ve also watched part two’s that maybe shouldn’t have been produced, and we’ve seen some franchises dish out multiple sequels. Then you have the movies that deserve another one, but they just haven’t happened for one reason or another. These are the films that fans are pining for a sequel so they can be glued to their seats for more.

Does It Stop Spinning?

Inception was one of Christopher Nolan’s more experimental films. Leonardo DiCaprio plays a thief who extracts information from people’s minds while they are induced into a deep sleep, which was quite genius in hindsight.

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

The movie was a hit for Nolan after its 2010 release. With the way this film ends, it provides viewers with a dramatic cliffhanger. Many are still debating to this day if DiCaprio’s character was still inside of a mind at the movie’s end or whether he was free. Can we get a sequel?