Super Cute Halloween Costumes from Tipsy Elves!

Halloween is one my favorite times of the year!  Every year I am plagued with the pressure of coming up with an amazing costume!  But not this year… thanks to Tipsy Elves!  Tipsy Elves is a holiday-themed apparel company. They sell loads of costumes, holiday sweaters and other holiday-themed items through their website… and even donate part of each sale to charity!

I’m so excited I discovered Tipsy Elves because they have so many incredible options for every Halloween party.   Halloween doesn’t have to be scary, but it has to be fun!  Some of my favorite Tipsy Elves costumes are the Women’s Unicorn CostumeButterfly Costume, and the Gumball Machine Costume (complete with multi-colored candies plastered across your torso)!  Tonight I’m wearing the super vibrant unicorn costume! It’s simply majestic… complete with a beautiful rainbow horn and super sweet rainbow tail. It’s easy to move in too, so you can dance and prance to your heart’s content.  Needless to say, if you’re looking for fun, festive, high quality apparel for EVERY occasion, Tipsy Elves is definitely the way to go!