It Takes Two: The Greatest Player-Coach Duos In NFL History

There is a lot of chatter swirling about Tom Brady being the greatest ever to play the sport of football. There is no denying his talent, but what about past players like Dan Marino or Joe Montana? Something that isn’t up for debate is that each of those players had a great coach by their side. Throughout the entire history of the NFL, every great player had an amazing coach in his ear. What do you think is the best coach-player duo ever?

The Walsh-Montana Connection

Sometimes franchises just need that one coach that will put them over the top. Before bringing in Bill Walsh in 1979, the San Francisco 49ers were mediocre at best. That same year, they drafted Joe Montana. Within two years, Montana had evolved into one of the top quarterbacks in the league thanks to Walsh.

Focus on Sport/Getty Images
Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Their partnership became so close that whenever the 49ers needed a big play, Walsh would draw it up and Montana would perfectly execute it. The duo ended up winning three Super Bowls together.