Cars of the Royal Family: Past and Present

It’s no secret that the British monarchy prefer the finer things in life…especially cars. The modern royals aren’t afraid to splash the cash on a sleek new ride, but they don’t go for just any old automobile. Every car is modified to meet their exact needs, from specially placed vanity mirrors to extra seats for the heirs to the throne.

Enjoy the ride as we take a look at the cars of the Royal Family — past and present. Which one is your favorite?

Kate and Will’s Range Rover

Range Rover’s are the go-to everyday car for the world’s elite — or anyone with some extra cash at their disposal. Not only are they pretty sleek to look at, but Range Rovers can take on almost any terrain.

Photo by Ted Soqul/Getty Images
Photo by Ted Soqul/Getty Images

Will and Kate often use theirs for family outings and even took their children home from the hospital in one. Of course, theirs probably has a few extra mods to it than most of them out there on the roads, including armored plating and bulletproof windows in case of an emergency. It may be their most used car out of all of them.