This Innocent Pole Vaulter Became Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

The internet has a power many can’t comprehend. One day, an innocent young woman was trying to better herself, and the next day strangers were attempting to stalk her. That scenario might not be the case for everyone, but many women online have similar stories. Someone whose life became the audience for thousands through online mediums is Allison Stokke. The pole vaulter who just wanted to become better at the sport was thrust into the limelight because of how quickly things are able to become viral on the internet. Stokke was one of these “things” and this is her story.

Your Regular Athlete

Go to any given track and field event and you’re bound to see hundreds of athletes competing. In 2007, Stokke was one of these athletes you would just see passing by at a track meet.

Working part-time modeling in high school, Stokke also put in a lot of work to make a name for herself pole vaulting, breaking countless records along the way. Soon, things changed drastically once a photographer captured the perfect photo of her. It was like she became a national sensation overnight.