These Jarring Photos of Nature Will Make You Do a Double Take

You don’t need us to tell you that nature is beautiful. But the beauty of nature doesn’t just lie in its physical greatness. The beauty of nature also lies its mystery. These photos from photographers around the world are a reminder of just how incredible nature can be. From a storm that completely engulfed an offshore lighthouse to the couple who witnessed a grizzly bear chasing a cyclist, these jarring nature photos will surely make you do a double-take.

Watch Out!

Jackleyhovits / Twitter
Jackleyhovits / Twitter

You know you’re from the Midwest when you can look this calm, cool, and collected with a tornado ripping behind you. And no, Photoshop wasn’t involved! This woman, who was identified as Audra Thomas, is from Beaver City, Nebraska. Nebraska gets hit with, on average, 57 tornadoes each year, so this was probably the norm for Thomas.

While the tornado looks like it’s right behind her, the storm is actually miles away. Not that that makes it any less terrifying!