Fun in the Sun: 8th Annual Guitarfish Music Festival

Tucked away in the beautiful foliage of Truckee California, is something nothing short of magical, Guitarfish Music Festival. Dressed in a almost utopian natural backdrop, the campsites snake through the trees and are shaded by their canopy. This three day family friendly festival, has performances and DJ sets running from roughly noon to 2 am, showcasing talent from all over the county including artists who are based locally in Truckee. Guitarfish Music Festival features one main stage complemented by unique clothing and food vendors (with lots of vegan options, as expected). Over the duration of the festival Guitarfish holds yoga, meditation, and sound healing workshops. All the more, there’s a kids crafting portion of the day and live a art auction. Note that the workshops do start rather early, so if you don’t want to miss these be sure to set an alarm!

One of the major highlights of Guitarfish’s location is that the festival sits along the Yuba River. Although unsupervised, the river is safe to swim in and walking distance from camp. It has larger ponds you can plunge into from the high rocks on the banks, as well as shallower areas to lounge around in.This beautiful river even has a few natural waterfalls, and if your lucky you might even see a mermaid!

Ultimately though what makes Guitarfish so special is the community of people who attend. Adorned in bright colors, bold fashion, and big smiles, I couldn’t imagine spending my eclipse anywhere else. Spreading love and parading the ‘come as you are’ attitude with each action, the attendees of Guitarfish Music Festival create a energy that is like no other, and will have you wishing you never left.