Evolutionary Styles Of The Royal Women

The Royal Family has been in the public eye for as long as they’ve been in power and as a result, what they wear has been a popular subject of discussion. If you look back over the years, you will find that each member (the female ones, at least) have brought distinctive styles to their titles and not much has changed since then — we’re looking at you, Queen Elizabeth.

The Queen Has Been Rocking Hats Since Childhood

In this photo from 1936, she was just ten-year-old Princess Elizabeth, but the future Queen already had a regal style. She’s merely walking her dog, but as you can see, she’s dressed to the nines.

London Express/Getty Images
London Express/Getty Images

Here she wears a long overcoat in a style definitive of its time. She’s just a child, which probably explains why her socks are pulled all the way up. Queen Elizabeth’s affinity for hats was already well initiated at this point.