Decade-Defining Hairstyles Throughout The Years

Depending on what decade you grew up in, you can probably recall two or three distinct hairstyles that defined that era. From ’60s beehives to frosted tips of the new millennium, somehow these looks became the talk of the town at one point in time. Hairstyles like pixie cuts and afros are classic and everlasting, but there are others like The Mullet that we’re happy to have put behind us. Take a look at these awesome hairstyles throughout the years!

1990s: The Rachel


Getty Images/Hulton Archive

In the late ’90s, everyone was raving about The Rachel. Named for her iconic character on Friends, Jennifer Aniston only actually wore the hairstyle for the first two seasons. But women continued to replicate the style for a good part of the late ’90s.

The cut was a product of Aniston’s hairstylist, Chris McMillan, who’d convinced the actress to try something new. Looking back on it now though, Aniston told Glamour in 2015, “I was not a fan of the ‘Rachel.’ That was kind of cringe-y for me. Looking back—honestly, even during that time—I couldn’t do it on my own.”