Artist Spotlight: Rambo – Splash House 2018

We wanted to take a moment to shed some major light on one of Splash House’s upcoming artists, Rambo!  He describes his music as if James Brown and Tame Impala got together and made house music and lived on an island.  And what could be better than that? We are ALL IN! Make sure to check out his playlist below and even better – SEE HIM NEXT WEEKEND AT SPLASH HOUSE IN PALM SPRINGS!

Playlist Link:

Here’s what he had to say about the upcoming gig… “I look forward to Splash House every year and I think it’s because It’s one of those festivals that feels like home.  Even though it’s grown through multiple phases with hotels, branding, and now selling out twice in one summer, it still has an intimate feel.  The friends who come back and play every year and the the music memorials of Palm Springs are what give it this feeling.   In 2013 I went to the first Splash as a student in San Diego and since then, I’ve played the festival 5 times and have become very close with my family at Goldenvoice.  I now serve as an extension of the Splash House’s creative and marketing team and handle graphic design for the festival across all platforms.  I’m super lucky to have grown with the festival and excited to see where Splash goes in the next few years.  This playlist includes tracks I played out the past two summers at the Saguaro and a few new ones I’ve been playing out this summer. Enjoy.”

I couldn’t be more excited!